Our actions

centre de soin tortue

The missions of CESTMed are divided in 3 axes:

1. The Rescue Center

The rescue center is equipped with 8 tanks of 1500L. Each tank contains only one turtle. Six tanks are open circuit, allowing a quarantine of the animals during their stay.

A veterinarian is associated with the rescue center in order to treat the injured animals with a specific diagnostic.

2. A Pedagogical Sector

It is part of CESTMed’s duty to inform and educate the public about the environment. CESTMed and the Network of French Mediterranean Marine Turtles (RTMMF) educate and inform locals especially fishermen so that when a turtle is caught in their nets, even if the turtle does not seem to be injured, they know that they must contact RTMMF.

In addition, the organization has created some interactive activities for schools and the general public. It is important to easily explain our results and inform about the biology and the ecology of marine turtles and also about the threats that weigh on these animals and the means of protection that could be implemented to preserve them.

3. A Scientific Sector

A scientific sector is developed to increase knowledge of the biology and the ecology of marine turtles. CESTMed is part of the Network of French Mediterranean Marine Turtles (RTMMF) and of the French Marine Turtles Group (GTMF). A database has been created to collect the anatomical data collected from turtles and the results of laboratory tests (measurements, weight, autopsies, stomach contents, blood …).

Since 2005, CESTMed has equipped some sea turtles with a transmitter. By tracking them on a satellite we can analyze and understand their movements because it allows real-time tracking with an accuracy in kilometers. In addition, the monitoring of turtles from the clinic permits us to check if the turtles, even after a long stay at the care center, are able to readapt easily to their environment and if they are able to find their migratory instinct.

You can follow the displacement of turtles which have a transmitter by clicking on the “Turtles tracking”.

Tortue verte balisée en septembre 2014